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Vintage Siwa Oasis Egyptian Tribal Wedding Gown

This incredibly detailed outfit is the traditional wedding gown of the Siwa peoples of the Siwa Oasis in Western Egypt. Siwa is where Alexander the Great consulted the oracle before he ventured to India. It is a settlement of Berber origin, speaking both Arabic and the Siwa languages. The white gown, "asherah nahuak" is worn by the bride on the third day of the wedding celebrations. It is characterized by the wide sleeves and the sunburst pattern emanating from the bodice, which is a pattern as ancient as the tribe, possibly in association with the Egyptian sun god, Amun Ra. The gown is handmade by the women of her family with Malas fabric and dozens of decorative buttons. The six colors used in the embroidery symbolize good luck. Most of the time you can only find the top for sale, but this set includes the trousers as well, called "srawelin khatem".

This gown is a masterpiece worthy of wall display, perfect for the museum-style home. In fact, most of the Siwa gowns outside Egypt are actually in museums, including the British Museum.

Unfortunately the white fabric has a lot of bleeding from the colored threads. Everywhere there is embroidery, the colors have bled onto the white fabric, so please use the zoom feature to get a good look at the damage that has been done to the white portions of this gown.

46" length, shoulder to hem
81" width across arms and shoulders

24" waist flat
35" leg length

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