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Vintage Ottoman Men's Black and Red Uniform with Burnous Cape

This is a vintage Ottoman style men's outfit. It is a reproduction of an old design, as it does show machine stitching and a textile band that reads, "Textile Division Kimotex 3000". It has drawstring trousers that are fitted at the bottom, a vest with 26 buttons, a jacket and a hooded cape, called a "burnous" with a tassel at the tip. All are covered in thick rope applique that is hand stitched. The trousers, vest and jacket are a cotton material but the cape is a lighter weight material. All in excellent condition.

If anyone knows more about this exceptional piece, do contact me!

Men's Large

24" length shoulder to hem
22" chest width
24" sleeve

24" length shoulder to hem
22" chest width

40.5" length

54" length