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Vintage Embroidered Thai Hill Tribe Blue Shawl


This exquisite piece of fabric is hand dyed, hand woven and hand embroidered. Colors are beige and indigo, with red stripes and embroidery in black and hot pink. This is a vintage piece which was sourced in Chiang Rai but originally comes from a Naga hill tribe of Northern Thailand. Though traditionally worn as a shawl or sarong, it could be hung on the wall as decor, draped over a blanket ladder or the back of a sofa. You could also use it as upholstery material. However you choose to display it, it definitely will be worth display as this gorgeous hand made textile is a stunning work of art!

Our textiles are photographed under daylight-balanced LED studio lights. We do not adjust the colors of the photographs or use filters to ensure that we are always portraying the colors as accurately as possible. Colors may appear very different in your own home under incandescent light or in darker rooms.

65" x 38.5"

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