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Vintage Chinese Hu Jia Music Framed Art

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Vintage framed reproduction print of a Song dynasty Chinese miniature painting. The scroll painting depicts a Mongolian village scene with a group of musicians in the center. The calligraphy to the right is a portion of the "Eighteen Songs of Hu Jia". It is an antique piece of traditional Guqin music created by Liu Shang in the Tang dynasty. The Hu Jia is a Mongolian reed pipe, and the song tells the story of the abduction of Cai Wenji by Central Asian nomads at the end of the Han dynasty (English translation below).

This print comes professionally framed in a black lacquer frame with glass. The glass is very splotchy, I think it needs to be cleaned from the inside, but as the back is sealed I decided to leave it for the buyer to decide if they want to break the seal on the back. Hangs on two brass hangers.

22" width
12.5" height

I remember the past, when I was an attractive but spoiled child at home.
From afar was obtained a rare bird, which I tamed.
Now, lost and abandoned, I think of my old home;
I regret that I did not release my bird to the forest.
The north wind whistles and the cold sun sets;
The lonely river of stars hangs above, until dawn comes again in the nomad sky.
Day and night I think of returning, but I cannot return;
My sorrowful heart, I think, must be like that bird in its cage.

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