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Vintage Bedouin Camel Saddle Bag

This vintage bedouin saddle bag can be styled as a piece of home decor or can be actually used on a camel. Was shipped to the US from Egypt in the 1960s, so it could be even older than that. The piece is meant to lay horizontally over a camel saddle, you can see the two slits for the saddle horns right in the middle. Each side has a pocket to hold things, but each pocket has a hole at the bottom, so would need to be repaired if you intended to actually store things in it.

Colors are very vivid and looks to be in great condition minus the pocket holes, but do keep in mind this is a vintage, used piece that does smell like livestock and may have small stains or holes. Tassels are made with a raffia stuffing that may have little bits of raffia poking out.

Weighs 14 lbs

Each of the two pockets are 28" height x 30" width

Total size:
68.5" length + 17" length tassels on each end = total length of 102.5" length
30" width