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Vintage Signed Bokhara Rug

$425.00 $306.00

This is a signed vintage bokhara rug in darker colors than you typically see, including deep browns, tan and black with pops of orange accents. The colors are a little sun faded, which gives it a dulled antique finish. Probably of Afghan origin, but was purchased in Egypt in the 1960s. It is signed by the artist which is a very nice touch of an authentic piece.

This rug has just been through a deep cleaning at a professional facility which cost more than $200. It looks, smells, and feels very clean. So rest easy, especially if you have allergies, knowing you will be receiving this rug ready to enjoy with no cleaning necessary!

Has some wear along the edges, see last photo for detail.

Our textiles are photographed under daylight-balanced LED studio lights. We do not adjust the colors of the photographs or use filters to ensure that we are always portraying the colors as accurately as possible. Colors may appear very different in your own home under incandescent light or in darker rooms.

37" x 76" (about 3' x 6')

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