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1940s Handmade Flour Sack Quilt


This is a unique, historical vintage quilt because it has the signatures of all the women who worked on it embroidered into each square. One of the squares is embroidered with "Mother", and as the color theme is pink, I'm assuming these women all came together for a wedding or baby shower and worked on each square together to create this quilt for a loved one.

Machine pieced, hand quilted with a flour sack backing. There is no batting, so it's very lightweight. A faint blue diamond pattern is repeated on the flour sack backing.

Great condition with only a few problem spots which are all located near the bottom. There are two stains and one open seam, please see the last few photos for details.

Measures 67" x 85"
Twin Size

Names are:
VW Peeler
Rosa Logsdon
Linda Morgan
Jessie Touner
Graycie Crum
Mildred Crum
Mrs. J.A. Crum
Edith Crum
Ida Crum
Lottie Walmer
Belia Herme
Aunt Fannie
Marie Crum
Doris Crum
Thelma Crum

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