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4x6 Antique Cranberry Sarouk Rug

$1,750.00 $1,588.00

Vintage Persian Sarouk carpet from the Markazi province, in the classic "all over" floral design. From the 1910's–1940's, it was popular for Sarouk rugs that were being exported to America to be dyed in dark berry colors to better suite Western tastes. Americans preferred the bluer tints to the orange tints, so this led to berry colored rugs being called "American Sarouk" or "Painted Sarouk" rugs.

Features a detached floral spray pattern with blue weft threads, both signs of an early 20th century Sarouk. The wool has a very nice shine to it that almost makes you think it's silk or velvet.

One edge is fraying—in the last photo you can see that the last border line is missing. Otherwise, great condition with no other damage and no weird smells. The colors are deep and vivid with no running.

No tags or identification.

*The light streak in the photos is because I had it laying on top of the edge of another rug. There is no actual streak or sun fading! Color is perfect throughout!

Our textiles are photographed under daylight-balanced LED studio lights. We do not adjust the colors of the photographs or use filters to ensure that we are always portraying the colors as accurately as possible. Colors may appear very different in your own home under incandescent light or in darker rooms.

76.5" x 53" (a little bigger than 6 x 4 feet)