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Vintage Syrian Inlay Side Table | Middle Eastern Marquetry Mosaic Game Table


Antique Syrian inlay side table made with wood, mother of pearl and camel bone marquetry mosaic in a complex geometric pattern. The four bowed legs are complete with mosaic all the way around. At the base of the table there is a small box which is lined in red velvet, which may be used to hold a deck of cards or other gaming pieces, perhaps. The inlay is complete with no pieces missing, however there are some spots on the top where the varnish has worn off, leaving a rough surface. Please see detailed photos This piece does come with a piece of glass that has been cut to fit the top perfectly, so you can use the table without worry of damaging the mosaic surface. The glass is only shown in the second photo.

This table came from the estate of a Texas woman who was an entertainer in the USO military support organization during World War II. This piece was likely brought back from her travels around the world during that time.

18.5" height
19" diameter top
10" square base
7" x 7" x 3" box at the bottom

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