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Mid Century Glam Tension Pole Lamp

$530.00 $450.00
An exceptionally unique vintage tension pole lamp from the 1950's. The saucer at the top rests against your ceiling with springs in the pole to hold it upright. The three ball lights hang on chains and hooks and plug into three outlets that are in the saucer. The shades have embroidered green leaves and the ball shape also has leafy details. Power switch on the pole allows you to turn on one, then two, then all three lights.

I have had this piece re-wired to be in top notch working condition. Almost no tarnishing on the nickel(?) finish (it's very magnetic). One of the lights has a stain in the fabric (see last photo). The orb that hangs the highest is missing one of the gold leaf bars (see last photo). If you hang it with that side facing the pole, it's not noticeable.

Fits an 8 foot ceiling, but a little shorter would be even better. Total length is 102" but the weight of the lights pulls it down a bit. Pole comes apart and will be disassembled for shipping.

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