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Vintage Tibetan Buddha Statue


Detailed and ornate vintage sand casted Tibetan Buddha Amitayus from the early 20th century. This feminine Bodhissatva is known as one of the three long life deities, gracefully holding a long life vase in the lap with both hands, and is associated with meditations and mantras for long life.

I have also been told that this Buddha could represent the Maitreya Buddha, or the future Buddha yet to come.

It is silver toned with some green oxidation in a few spots. There are holes drilled into the base where it once was secured into a velvet lined shadow box. This piece is finished on the back and has some Tibetan characters hand inscribed near the back base. The inscription is in the Lenza script, an ancient form of Tibetan which is no longer spoken but used in ritual only.

4.25" height
2.75" width
2" depth

Shipping is included in the continental USA.