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Vintage 1940s Embroidered Signature Blouse | Autograph Shirt


Vintage souvenir blouse that has been hand embroidered with dozens of signatures in cheerful colors. Likely made in commemoration of an event, possibly a high school graduation or some other important event in a young person's life, as some of the family signatures include: Grandma Campbell, Mother, Father, Uncle John, Aunt Nanie, Aunt Annie, Aunt Ruth, Aunt Maud, Uncle Sidney, Grandpa.

After some research, I found that most of these people were born in the 1920s in Lubbock, Texas and the surrounding areas. I estimate this shirt was made in the 1940s-1950s. Some of the people who signed the shirt, like "Grandpa" would have been born in the 1800s.

The blouse is in great condition with no rips but is missing the top two buttons. A little bit of blue discoloration around the top right shoulder. It has been hand washed. Was not ironed for the photos, so any wrinkled appearance will come out with ironing.

34" bust
18" length shoulder to hem

Other names: Billie Wayne Ruck, Katie Lorene Bassinger, Ray Wayne Crossland, Lorene Crossland, Grady Lee Crossland, Beryl Crossland, Marilyn Joe Crossland, Margaret Ann Crossland, Babe Crossland, Dortha Lee Winniford, Billie Nell Runnels, Billie Robert McConner, Jerry Frank McConner, Verna Lee McConner, Robert Thomas, Modene Thomas, Berry Simmons, Jay Saunders, Tob Campbell, Tru Campbell, Louise Campbell, Audrey Lee Harris, Talter Weaver, Bonnie Ruth Harrison, Walter Lee Walker, Wynell Alspaugh, Mary Louise Robinson, Mary Lee Vernon, Margaret Blanton, Evelyn Thomas, Eugene Taber, Mr Boyd, Mrs Boyd, Isabelle Speer, Clarice Rush, Dr.Loveless, Earlene Sampler, Buddy, Gladys, Ernest.

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