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The Faces Project

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Sourcing vintage art makes me sad, knowing that when I ship it off to its new owner I will never see it again. Last year I sold a portrait collage made by a woman named Vera Chatterjee from India, and the portrait had an adorable face which I missed so much that I created a little art piece. It quickly grew into an art PROJECT filled with all the faces painted on ceramics, sculpted in clay, or beaded onto fabric that I don’t want to forget.

I really don’t have time to work on side art projects that don’t bring in money. But I said F it, I do what I want. When projects happen organically from sheer fascination, admiration, and love, it’s worth taking a little bit of time to do something fun with it! I hope these posts honor the original artists and show the incredible treasure we have in preserving handcrafted vintage art. Sometimes we don’t know the original artist, their names and details lost to time, but we do know that there was a living person who created each one of these pieces from their imaginations. Isn't it crazy to think that what you create will live past you, beyond your time on earth, and maybe inspire people for generations after you've left?

Click below to save your free phone wallpaper! And keep scrolling to see the original vintage art collage that I created this graphic from. More from the faces project coming soon!

Vintage faces and portraits

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