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Our Eclectic West Texas Home

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When I read Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, I started to think about what I truly wanted my home to be: warm, minimal, and filled with museum-like treasures. While far from museum-quality, friends do sometimes just stand in front of the bookshelf in the dining room to look at all the little treasures I've collected there. And it is a warm place filled with items of meaning. BUT, we're still working on the minimal part! It definitely has that "eclectic antique dealer" style going on, as it is a revolving door of furniture and rugs and objects being cleaned and photographed before they get packaged up and shipped off around the world.

Nonetheless, I was able to hide some of the clutter when I had photos taken for my first home tour on Design Sponge in 2015, and again for The Jungalow by Justina Blakeney in 2017. So as I take you on a room by room tour, you'll notice the same view with different furniture and items. These photos were taken different years! And of course if I took photos today, it would look even more different.

This house was built in 1948, with the dining, kitchen, master bedroom and bathroom added on sometime later. It is 3 bedroom, 2 bath, plus an office area and two separated living areas. Unfortunately they can't be combined because the wall that separates them is where the water heater and central AC are located. Because we work from home, we use the larger living room as a photo studio, one bedroom as storage for our shop inventory, and the other bedroom as a shipping center.


We are side-entrance people, so if you come over and we tell you to come to the side door, you're walking into the laundry room and then when you turn, there's the kitchen!

Dining Room

Old view of the dining room from the kitchen

Dining Room
And from the opposite side it looked like this

But it looks something like this now that we got a larger table! This table is where you can usually find me, working on my laptop!

Living Room

The dining room opens up into the small living room, which is so tiny it only has room for the sofa on this wall and the tv opposite.

Living room

And this is where you can usually find our dog, Xerxes. The next doorway leads to the two bedrooms and the larger living room that we use for the shop, none of which are photo-worthy!

But when we DID have the larger living room set up when we first moved in, it looked like this. It's the biggest room in the house, so it now makes a great photo studio.

Kind of how the bedroom looks now

And how it used to look when we first moved in.

Lastly our back patio, which is such a nice spot to relax in the evenings!

Nearly everything in our house is vintage, thrifted, made ourselves, bought in another country on one of our Penny Caravan trips, or handed down from a family member. Most of the major furniture pieces are Ikea, left over from our college days. Really our only major furniture purchases have been our Crate & Barrel sofa and our dining table from World Market. But if you gotta know where something else was from, just ask below in the comments!